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Monday, April 20, 2009


It's fun to be 20 months old on the 20th! Just 4 months away and we will have the big 2nd Birthday! Ok, that is to soon for him to be completely a "little boy" and no longer a baby at all! We just signed him up for 2 year old Pre-school "Mom's Morning Out" for the fall. He will go on Monday & Wednesdays at our church. We are excited that Kayleigh will be there too! We hope they get in the same class! Can't believe he is growing up so fast-that is an understatement!
I guess I spoke to soon,Saturday. I was rejoicing that P was not sick while we were away. I had Parker at the Urgent Care Children's Center on Sunday. We discovered that once again-he is sick with the croup. They also ran a strep test on him (for a red throat) it came back negative. So, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the strep culture is negative too. He is still a happy boy-despite his illness. All they do for croup is give an oral steroid (1 time) and have you use a humidifier. We are letting it run its course!
Today, Kayleigh is back and we are so excited to be back into the routine. They love each other so much! Kayleigh has a baby sister coming in about 4-6 weeks. We are excited to meet Baby Caroline and look forward to sharing in the joy with all of them! You can read more about them here.

Parker has expaned his vocabulary just over the last month. He was pretty consistent with his 20 main words aside from the usual "chinese" language. It was so sweet to hear him try and repeat many things. One of the biggest that he was very clear on, was saying my oldest sister's name : Jo-di! He LOVED saying it! He also says "All-gone" and "All-done" all the time~so cute to see him starting to put phrases together.
He is STILL 25 pounds exactly! Heis getting better with his vegetables and thankfully he is pretty open to eating many different things. However, he still has his favorites;mac & cheese, ravioli, teriyaki chicken, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and of course-a "BITE" of anything daddy is eating!

Here is the slide show of our time in MI & KY!

Enjoy -
Jenn :)

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