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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Reflections and Photos

(Saddle-Shoes....I couldn't resist at Children's Place for Easter)

We got back at 11PM from KY last night and the house is showing it. I am in the midst of finishing up all the laundry and managed to get a home cooked meal in! We have eaten out for every meal since Wed. So, I was more then happy to cook! Back to Y, I will be too (to work off the 2 .5 pounds gained (urrr!!)
Anyway-we made the whole trip there and back without any major dilemmas! (Of course P only slept 1/2 of the trip on the way to MI (we left at night hoping he'd sleep most of it-but he proved us wrong!) Looks like we will be making trips to hotels now whenever we have a drive longer then 8 hours. (That would be our visits to NY and MI to see the grandparents).
We arrived at 8AM on Good Friday at my sister's house and we were happy to be there. All the grand kids were together for the day and we got a few good photos of all the grand-boys! (And if you look closely each grandson has a different hair color, and don't look alike-(unique in deed!)

We had an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday, for Parker, my niece, Grace and nephew Josh! My sister and brother-in-law have the perfect yard for one too! P loved it -but I think he was more excited about finding the real balls laying around then discovering the eggs! He did catch on and really enjoyed it when I gave him a piece of candy to see what we were doing! My parents joined us on Sunday for Easter dinner and then Mike left that night to go to IN for his business trip!

We stayed back till Wed. We had a blast with my family and even got together with my high school friend, Becky and her kids!
We left for KY on Wed (my dad took P and me to meet Mike in IN.) It was a great way to split up the 10 hr. drive back to GA! On top of that -we stayed put for 2 days in KY, so Mike could do business in Owensboro! (It is the 3rd largest city in the state and they have the largest Sassafras Tree in the US! ) And we were cheesy enough to go and find it! We found it... and I have a photo that explains it! LOL) While Mike was working, I took Parker to Target and some other stores, out to lunch, swimming at the hotel pool and we even got to play at a local Children's Museum! (We had the whole place to ourselves for a short time too!) He got ALL his energy out -just in time to go and pick Mike up for the drive home! HA

Now that we are back, we are here to stay for awhile! I have 165 photos to go through (and I am making a slide show of some of the bests...for now these are some of the highlights).
Until our next trip....

Jenn :)

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