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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho -It's off to Nana & Big Poppy's We Go!"

"Our Bags are packed we're ready to go."...Leaving on a plane tomorrow to head to Upstate NY to visit with Mike's family till Sunday! I am sad that he won't be going with us, but happy that Parker gets to attend his first Maple Festival. I have many friends say that I am "BRAVE" to go to the in-laws alone. I must brag for a moment and say that I do not get nervous and dread going to the in-laws. I have always felt like one of their own and I adore the time with my mother-in-law almost as much as I do with my own mother. I have been a part of Mike's family for 7 years (legally by marriage), but it has been 10 years that I have known them. I treasure the time I get to spend with them and don't mind if Mike is not around. I feel very blessed to have this close relationship and appreciate their love and acceptance of me and my marriage to Michael. I hope to be a great mother-in-law one day like Mom Riese has been to me! (Mike and I joke that I enjoy going to see his family more then he does!-And yes, those of you who know me well, I make weekly phone calls to my in-laws just to say HI!) I think my mother taught me this since my grandparents all lived away, she made weekly calls to each set of my grandparents and we looked forward to the calls with them! I want Parker to grow up knowing who all his grandparents are and distance should not be a wedge!
So-all this to say we are leaving in the morning and praying for 2 open seats on the plane. I am flying with Mike's frequent flyer miles and did not want to pay a good $300.00 for Parker. He is still free to fly (lap child) and if there are 2 open seats then I take his car-seat on! (It will be so peaceful if that be the case!!) Pray!!!!!
We are off to bed and will be up early to fight the good ol' ATL traffic!
Looking forward to a fun weekend (urrr-yet cold weekend) in NY!

FYI-While we are away, Mike will be going to Memphis,TN to watch his Alma Matter play in the Sweet 16~ NCAA tournament! He is SO excited that it was not a conflict (leaving me alone)! This sure worked out well for him! :)
Fingers crossed they do well this weekend!
Jenn :)

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