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Saturday, March 21, 2009

19 Months

Parker-roo is 19 months and finding new adventures each day.
I could not resist....I have to post this adorable photo of Parker, Kayleigh and her little friend Reese, from gymnastics! They all had fun being FREE (as you can see from the photos) in Kayleigh's back yard! Friday, I took P over for a little bit so I could run some errands & I had an appointment. Looks like they had a BLAST~ Do you think? Oh to be 1 again!
He sure keeps me going! (Thankfully the nice weather has allowed me to keep the house more in order that way-HA!) His latest phrase is "uh-oh!" And he says it all at the right moments!
He is ALL boy, always on the look for a BALL and still fascinated with his outdoor play set. Of course, he loves to throw a fit and scream at me on the days or moments I will not him go out (due to yucky weather or meal times!) Never a dull moment here!
We are working on using MORE words and really working hard on using manners....instead of the little "baby noises" to get things!

(Reese, Kayleigh & Parker enjoying a cookie together.)

This next Wednesday, P & I are flying up to NY to see my in-laws! We will be staying with them for 5 days! I am excited to be back "home" and attend Parker's first Maple Festival ! Mike's oldest brother, Brian & his wife, Courtney will be there. As well as Mike's youngest brother, Phils' Wife, Miracle. Only 2 members will be missing, Mike and Phil! We are sad they won't be with us -but we will for sure eat some yummy Maple suckers and have some good ol' pancakes for them!

Today, we are taking Parker to get his Easter photos done ! Last year, I had the photos done with Bunnies. This year, we are going to get photos with the Lamb! I am sure he will be excited and saying "Woof-woof" when he sees the lamb, since he associates ALL animals with Abbey as a Dog and says "woof-woof" to them! Still working on teaching the correct animal sounds for each animal. Keeps life entertaining to say the least and we love him.

I will post photos next week of our time in NY!
In the meantime I am working on the laundry and trying to clean while P is napping.
Hope the Spring weather is enjoyable for you all.
Jenn :)

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