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Monday, March 16, 2009

Syracuse & Birthday Celebration!

This past Sunday, was Mike's 29 (and forever holding)-Birthday. Mike is not a big celebrator when it comes to his own birthday. He likes things simple and keeping the cost simple for his birthday! All he wanted for his birthday was to see Syracuse make it into the NCAA Tournament! This past weekend was the ending to Big East Tournament and they were playing in it. We went to watch the game on Saturday Night with some of our close "Syracuse" friends who all live down her as well! We had a sitter for Parker-since the game was late! Unfortunately, 'Cuse lost the championship game for that tournament 67-76! But they had an incredible week. You may have heard they played 6 overtimes on Wed night and finally won the game! Incredible!!! I got a cake from Gabriel's Bakery (one of the only kind of cakes, Mike will eat) (German Chocolate) and we celebrated at a restaurant that was playing the game! March 15th is also Paul's, (one of Mike's Syracuse friends) birthday as well! (They are just a few hours apart-and were born an hour and 1/2 away from each other-but didn't meet till after!)
They announced the top 65 teams on Mike's birthday for the NCAA Tournament which begins this weekend! So, we had our good friends & neighbors over for my famous stuffed shells and kept it "simple"-just like Mike wanted! We all sat and waited for the big announcement and Syracuse made it in to the tournament! They got the 3rd seed! Mike of course was pumped. They have a really good record this season, 32 (wins) 8 loses!
I failed to get any photos of Mike and Parker together, so I will try and get one very soon!
You can see that I was a sweet and supportive wife rooting away for Syracuse in my apparel!
We have big hopes that Syracuse will do well in the Tournament. I will keep you posted in the next few weeks!

It was a fun weekend celebrating what you love most Mike, Basketball ! We Hope you felt special! Parker and I love you and appreciate you deeply!

Jenn & Parker
We want to send a special "Happy Birthday" to my nephew, Josh who is 3 today! We love you and hope you have a special day! We can't wait to see you-next month!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time!

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Elizabeth said...

What a random post from ebooks that the new thing: blog comment spam?? how ANNOYING. And inappropriate! Anyway, Mike's party looks like a blast! You're such a good wifey.