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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Parker's First Maple Festival

We are back from visiting Nana & Big Poppy! We had a great visit and a big weather surprise...70 degrees on Saturday. (That is NOT the norm for upstate NY in March)!
Our flight up to NY was delayed 2 hours-making Parker miserable by the time we flew out. So needless to say-" I WAS ONE OF THOSE PARENTS" on the plane. The one who can't seem to keep their child quiet. Thankfully, no one complained -and of course 25 minutes before we landed he fell asleep. The flight was FULL and there were no seats available for me to bring his car seat on. Our flight home was much better. I got bumped to a later flight and got a $400.00 voucher to use some time LATER. Delta told me I had a really good guarantee that his car-seat could go on the later flight. Hence the reason I took it-but by the time I got back to airport it was full!!! URRR-I cried and prayed continuously that P would sleep the whole flight! He did!!! P.T.L! I am really worn out from flying alone! I would really like to go out and visit my friend Joy, but after my bad experience I am apprehensive to do it alone again. Howvever, I am so thankful that I did not have to drive 16 hours alone! Thursday, I took P up to my mother -in-law's school and we stayed for lunch. He was like a "Little Pied-Piper!" During our visti, my was in charge of the 1st grade recess, so Parker got to particitpate! There was a 1st grade boy also named Parker, and he thought that was the "coolest" thing to meet another Parker! The visit was enjoyable and wore Parker out ! He took a great nap that afternoon.
Friday, my m.i.l. was off and we went shopping at the Carousel Mall! Sales Tax is cheaper and I enjoyed getting some great bargains, including Parker's Easter shoes! Mike's brother and 2 sister-in-law's arrived on Friday night. Miracle, (Mike's youngest brother's wife) brought me a big surprise....A NEW COACH PURSE! (She had my name for Christmas and I told her I would love a new purse fake looking Coach!) At Christmas she got me some things off my list and told me I would be getting something else later-I had forgotten about it! Well, she has connections and her sister was able to pick up one in the Philippines for me! I was screaming with excitement! Just like a little kid- I was not expecting it! I LOVE it Miracle!!!! THANK YOU!
The Maple Festival was SO enjoyable and of course the weather just made it more of a pleasure. Mike's brother and 2 sister-in-law's arrived on Friday night. We all got up Saturday morning and went for the yummy Pancake Breakfast! We ran into many of Mike's H.School friends and introduced Parker to many of them .Of course they were all in SHOCK that Mike got a red-head!
Saturday night, my in-laws had family over and we had a house of 30 guests! P was in love with playing around with his 3rd cousins and chasing the "Ball" around (aka-Balloon)!
I have made a slide show of our visit!
You will see a photo of Parker and a little girl (who looks similar), that is Alina! (Mike's cousin, Chad's 3 month old daughter!) Chad was the best man in our wedding. Who would have ever guessed that 2 cousins & (close buddies) end up years later with red-heads!? Hilarious! Of Course, Chad's wife Rachel, is a beautiful red-head!
Enjoy the photos and the video of Parker and the 1st graders.
Happy Spring,
Jenn :)

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