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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Where does he get that red hair?

Playing in Kayleigh's ball pit at her house!

I often get asked where Parker's red hair comes from! As you all know Mike and I = have brown hair. However, my Grandma Clark, and my dad's 2 sisters all had/have red hair! Mike's mom and grandma also have/ had strawberry blond hair! So, Parker got the recessive gene from both of us! It is funny to go out places with him and make people wonder! Somehow it is a common phrase if a couple doesn't have red hair and their child does, then the baby must be the "mailman's kid!"

LOL But our mail person is a lady!

The day he was born the nurses started joking about his hair-till they heard about the family!

Now that I have cleared that all up -it goes on about my story of the week!

I was in the garage playing with Parker & Kayleigh and Carol, our mail lady brought me up a package. (It was my new cell phone! YEAH!)

She was admiring how much Parker had grown. She said she remembered the day he was born!

I told her I had to clear up one thing with her:

The day we were coming home with Parker, my father-in-law was waiting for us in the garage. Carol (Our mail-lady) was delivering the mail and saw the blue bow on the mailbox. She shouted up "CONGRATULATIONS" to my Father-in-law said-"THANKS!"

Then she asked the name!

My F.I.L went blank. He forgot Parker's name and shouted out "DANIEL!"

So for 1 year she thought Parker was a "Daniel!"

I officially introduced Parker and cleared it up. She laughed and remembered it well. She got a funnier laugh when all say our baby is the mail-man's baby!

Nope, he is really ours!!!

We love our little red-head.

Jenn :)


akr said...

He is a cutie!

Becky said...

My sister-in-law gets that all the time too. Both the girls are red heads...and neither of them have red hair, however Matt and Doug (brother) both had red tint to there hair when they were babies.

DD said...

Oh my word that story about your FIL is hilarious!!! I love the red hair! He is getting so big so quickly! It goes by fast doesn't it?

The Ashworth family said...

LOL - I totally remember that! He is such a precious boy! I love his red hair. How come you got a new phone? Did you drop yours in water again? :-)