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Friday, October 10, 2008

Here's what's cooking and crafting with Jenn!

I love the fall and there is nothing better then homemade soup or chili!
I found this recipe last year for New Years and it's been a favorite ever since!
White Chicken Chili If you ever get a rotisserie Chicken and have some leftovers this is perfect for those left-overs!
I also got around to making a Pumpkin Roll! There is something about having it in the fall that makes me love the season even more! The taste of the sweet cream-cheese filling is what makes it so good!
Now for the "crafty" side of me: My friend Samantha and I are taking on a new "project."

Here is what we call "Perky Pockets!"
Perky Pockets =for a nursery or room that needs a little more "organization with a little bit of perky style!"
We made this for a Baby shower gift .We had a blast and now we want to make more!
What do you think?

We can make one for you!
Boys =Buttons
Girls = Bows
Just tell us the colors and style of the room.
Email me at and I can tell you the pricing for the size and style you choose.
Jenn :)

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DD said...

Oh wow, I am interseted in the price of the perkey pocket for Annabelle's room! How much is it??