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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer Drought!

Mike and I finally got some flowers and rose bushes planted. Joy sent us some rose bushes to plant, so we planted one in the ground and one in a large pot. We will see which one does better. (No color to them-so pretty aren't they?) Now that we got flowers planted by the mailbox (and 1/2 are growing/the other 1/2 died) and the rose bushes planted-we have a drought! We can only water our lawns on odd days (we are an odd #) so Sunday/Tuesday's and Thursdays are the only days we can water!! LOL Planting is not our "cup of tea!"

I talked to my dad and Mom on Father's Day...and they were babysitting little Sam. He is a pacificer baby. He had sucked his hand most of Saturday night and had a little blister! So now he has sock mittens (to protect his hands) and a pacifier to keep him content till it is time to eat! Can't wait to see him!

Mike is on vacation with me till July 9th! It is is like the summer we got married! ( He didn't start with the firm until Sept. in 2002) Hard to believe that it has been 4 years of marriage...but we go back to 7 years of being together! WOW! It is so awesome to see how far God has brought us and can't wait to see where we will be in another 4 years from now. June 29th will be our 4th this point we plan to celebrate this weekend. We will be with his family on the 29th!

Tomorrow I am headed to The Women of Faith conference with a mom from my class-her sister mailed her 4 tickets (front row) and she decided to invite me. I was honored and can not wait to go! The theme this year is "Contagious Joy!" She is waiting to hear from a friend if she can go or not-if her friend from church can't go then I get to take Joy!! I'm praying that Joy gets to go, but I do not want to get my hopes up!
Next week we will have with Mike's family here and then heading to Panama City, FL. We can not wait for the break!...My good friend, Yvette and her daughter are going to watch Abbey for us!! Thanks Yvette-

I am off to clean kitchen- it is a mess.

Blessings to all,

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