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Friday, June 16, 2006

Baby Sam-Finally arrived!

It was a long day and a half for my sister Jolyn, and my brother-in-law,Eric! After 18 hours of Labor- Sam finally decided to arrive! My parents are both there and got to see him right after he was born. We are all so happy that he is finally here!
Our second nephew (3rd Clark grandchild)was born at 2:11 AM -this morning!

All 3 of his aunts got a phone call and I think the only aunt that actually awakened to talk to Jolyn was biggest Aunt, Jodi!

Samuel John Robert
June 16th -12:11 AM (C.S.T)
8 lbs. 14oz
21 inches long
Lots of light hair ...keeping the Clark grandkids tradition going..."full head of hair!" Biggest Clark grandbaby yet!! Way to go Jolyn-we are so proud of you!

Blessings to Eric, Jolyn and Sam!!
Aunt "Nenny" and Uncle Mike (for the 3rd time!!!)

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