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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Birthday-David and Sam!

Happy Birthday David Ashworth (my best friend, Joy's fiance')!
The last few days-we have had Joy and David in town visiting from TN and they went to Six Flags! Today, we went out to lunch for David's birthday at the famous-Sweet Tomatoes (the place they ate at on their first date-LOL!) I am so glad that Joy is finally 2 hours away. She is waiting for all of her furnirture and belongings to arrive from Phoenix (to her apt. in TN) and she just got called that they will be coming tonight! She is excited to get back and finally get moved in!
I am on the phone with My mom in Canada and my sister, Jolyn. Jolyn is in labor today and looks like little Sam will arrive soon. Eric and Mom are taking turns getting little breaks and making calls! My dad is in the air and due to arrive tonight! So amazing how we have an agenda, but the babies have an agenda of their own!!! I am excited to meet little Sam the end of the summer before my return to work in August. It has been a great vacation thus far and tutoring is an awesome summer job!
I will post more once Mike and I are Aunt Nenny and Uncle Mike for the 3rd time. I am sure that he is not the last Clark grandchild!
Photos are of lunch today with David and Joy.
Happy 30th Birthday,David
(I know you are older...but so young at heart, and look like 30-thanks to Joy!)
Blessings to all,

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