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Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy July 4th !

We are back from Fl. and we had a great time with Mom Riese, Aunt Jackie & Brian! The resort we stayed at was georgeous! (THANK YOU MIKE for staying at Marriott all those nights in the winter so we could have a great time in FL.!
Here are some photos from our stay....!
1. the house I tutor at- (That is their pool and Hot tub attached to it!)
2. Resort we stayed at in FL
3. Dinner at "30 Degree Blue" Restaurant for our 4th anniversary.
4. Mike and Mom Riese are loading up Brian with Sunblock for beach!
We had Mike's cousins here too, to visit for the weekend-so we had a great time being entertained by them (to say the least!)
Today we are recovering from all our late nights being out ! We are headed to a Braves game tonight-(I got the tickets from a student for an end of the year we are looking forward to it tonight!)
Happy 4th of July to all,
Jenn & Mike

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