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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cloth Diaper...WINNER!

This was ALOT of fun and I wish we could give a diaper to all our entries. But there is only one winner, and that winner (as you can tell from the photo) is Sharon Eldridge,commented ;"Cloth diapers were all we used when I had my boys, but I have seen how much they have improved."  Congratulations! I hope this diaper goes to good use for you.Sharon, please contact me and let me know your address so I can get it off to you. :)

There is a special sale going on at Nurtured (buy 5 cloth diapers get a 6th one free)!
So check out their site if you are thinking about this route.And of course it is my sister's business (so I am a little bias) but love passing on fabulous deals. On their FB  page they made a note: (FYI, still trying to turn this into to a valid online code. If you add this in the comments, we can adjust your order.) So just mention the FB add (Buy 5 get 6th free and they will give you the deal). It is always a great deal when you can get one free with any cloth diapering company.
Thanks all for entering. I am sure we will have another give-a-way soon. I think I will have to have something special for mommies next time. Be watching~
Have a great weekend :)

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