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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weigh In Wed!

That's right! I am officially logging my weight loss progress on my blog. I am on a mission to be down 30 lbs by my birthday (mid October),and for sure by our 10th Anniversary, June 2012. Along time ago I told Mike I needed a good motivation and was feeling frumpy and not happy with my body. He came home from his trip to Brazil and had a great motivator for me! I was shocked and excited and insulted all at 1x. (But I wasn't-I was actually thankful that he was aware of my frustration with this stagnate weight loss) and not going anywhere!
Here is the challenge- I have a BIG sweet tooth which has slowed my weight loss down! However, I am determined! I am finding "healthier" sweets to eat and making this weight loss happen. I have done Weight Watchers (in the past) and that works and  I am still following much of it. But I am making this a "life" change. It's not a new diet. As my friend, Lorelei, shared from her Body Boot Camp Weight Loss Program....The first 3 letters in Diet are D. I. E....and it is so true! We are so sad to be kept away from all those foods we love, but the "diet" won't allow. I really believe God wants us to eat everything in moderation, but to ultimately take care of our bodies and be aware of our portion control. I think I should have lived in Bible times. Only Fruits and vegetables, fish (which I can't stand), and of course homemade bread....but no such thing as ice-cream, cookies (you get it)??!  Therefore, I am making more conscious choices on all that we eat. I have no problem cooking from scratch. I am sad that to be healthy it cost more, but it is SO worth it. I find it a battle about 2x a week in my mind "If I eat this brownie then I have to run 3 miles to burn it off and then do some additional workout!" I usually only give in once to that. And the other times I pat myself on the back for walking away from the brownie. I need to  keep working on  my sweet tooth! I am the first to admit that it is my number one weakness. I am sure if I completely cut out all carbs and NO sugar of any kind I would drop it all in 2 months- But I am losing it a little bit slower, and watching my carb intake and enjoying my life with the boys and taking care of this body.
Here is the Motivation (PRIZE)-Mike and I will officially celebrate 9 years of Marriage next Wed. This time  next year, I am hoping to be back to the original size 6/8 that I was when we first met AND if I lose it all He will take me to ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is right-he came home from Brazil, handed me a book on Italy and said here ya go! We can go when you get down 30 lbs & and also celebrate our 10th Anniversary!!
It has been a passion of both of ours to go there! We have never been away from the boys (except for a 24 hour get-a-way last June) and we need to do this for our Marriage and  I need a BIG motivator! As much as I dislike his business trips with GE...the air miles are banking up fast! Looks like there will be enough air miles for this trip next year. We have many other dreams but this is something we need to do for us. I hope it does not seem selfish or a waste of money (and thankfully we should be debt free by then)-and so it will really be a 3 fold trip, (10th Anniversary, debt free and Jenn's weight loss)! 
It seems impossible right now to get to two of these goals, my weight loss and completely being debt free! But I am trying really hard to be more driven and make it happen FAST!
I am so thankful for Mike, loving me (for me and never being critical of my baby belly etc) and loving me for me & great friends running with me(Samantha & Joy),and Lorelei for getting me signed up at the YMCA almost 3 years ago! Still going there regularly and taking classes! :)
I have finally found some classes at the YMCA that are working :) Monday nights-Spin, Wed night-Zumba & Thursday night- (my least favorite) Total Body boot camp....(It is GOOD)!~ I have that love/hate relationship with that class. And on top of the classes I also make sure to run or work out on the eliptical and do 4-6 miles a week. So, no excuses why I can't get this weight off by October, Right?!
So now I am adding some cyber accountability! Just being real and hoping to encourage some other mommies out there. My friend Laura and I are both on a mission to be down to our goals by October. (We are both October babies) Want to join us??
Hop on over and pass her on a note of encouragement...she is doing awesome and has cut our all sweets! (I need to be like her-she is my biggest inspiration) We went to college together and had a blast being suitemates my sophmore year! I think She and I will have to have a celebration some time when we reach our goals :)
I weighed in today and I was down 3 pounds since last Wed. I am thrilled!
Since I started this new workout plan and healthier food intake-I am down 6.4 lbs.
So, only 23.6 lbs to go by October.
Thank you to all my sweet friends for helping me and keeping me motivated.
Italy 2012 Here I come....(30 lbs lighter :)


Anonymous said...

You can do it hot mama!! Im so jealous that is your motivation! I have been dying to go there my whole life! Just know I am PRAYING big for you and will be joining you in your efforts in just a few short months!! LOVE YOU!!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Great job Jenn! You can do it!

Amber Hanshaw said...

You go, girl! I'll make sure to check in with you on Sundays. :)

Jen said...

great motivation! It is such a huge battle to get and keep it off, and having babies doesn't really do much for the progress in this're very brave to post this!