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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kaden's First Haircut

Kaden was looking oh so pretty! He had curls that were beautiful, and hair long enough on the top for me to put a ponytail in. Ok, not such a good match for little boy hair . Therefore, it was time to cut his curly hair.
We have accepted our first borns red (a.k.a-orange hair) and now we are accepting and falling in love with our second borns curly, blond hair! Amazed at how God forms each one of these children so different in looks &complete opposite in more ways then one but have the same parents :) WOW! Love them both so much and so blessed to be their mommy & daddy.
Kaden's first haircut was at a local barber shop that gives babies their first hair cut FREE! (That was all daddy needed to hear for me to get it cut!)
We had her cut about 1 inch off the top and just under 1/2 inch on the back of his curls.

He was SO good. Kaden is known as our 110% active child, but for his haircut he stayed put! Completely shocked!~I was SO proud of him. We had a few tears,but the sucker was a great distraction.

Kaden with Miss Kelli who did a great job cutting his hair :)
(He was getting tired by now, and not into taking any photos.)
I can't believe he will be 18 months old next Wed!


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