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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daddy's Boy and Mommy's Boy

Parker is our Daddy's boy.
He has grown very attached since baby Kaden arrived). The past few weeks Parker has been saying some of the funniest things -and a couple sayings are worth "blogging" about. He sure knows how to melt my heart and make me and his daddy laugh!
Wednesday morning when Mike was leaving-Parker insisted on doing his morning ritual;
  •  walk daddy out to the car in the garage 
  • wait for daddy to start the car and help him shut the door then...
  •  Parker gives him a kiss (through the window) and then I walk Parker back inside.
But that morning I was upstairs with Kaden and unavailable.However, I heard their conversation and it made me laugh so hard my stomach was hurting!
Mike said good bye and Parker was saying "Bye Dad! ~Go Make Some Money!" Have a good day! Go make some money! O.K!?
I am so glad that Parker has caught on to daddy's job-he makes some money! :)
Another funny thing we are laughing at these days is Parker's confusion with "Pun-kins" and Snowmen!
Yup-two completely different seasons yet one determined three year old mind made up! Pumpkins are called "snowman!" And if you try and correct him HE WINS the discussion. Or we have a major meltdown, with the full red-head temperamental fit included! Trust me here,even his pre-school teachers are tuned in at pre-school on this one. Pumpkins are his favorite color, orange, and his favorite shape-circle. But we have one small confusion..."NOT PUN-KINS-"THEY ARE SNOWMAN!"

 We live in GA and I am still trying to figure out this one??!
LOL... I guess he loved making a snowman with the Hoeyes in March. He saw snowmen only on the lawns. So, now "pun-kins" are on the lawns therefore, they are "orange snowman!"

Our Mommy's Boy is Baby Kaden.

I am sure it has alot to do with the boys birth order and favoring a particular parent. But, it is great for us that each of the boys prefers a specific parent. Makes the night-time load easier for us both.
Kaden is such a charmer and has me wrapped around his finger He has just begun the "separation anxiety" phase. The night time fits have begun at bed time. And I am not budging...but he is our baby. So, I budge a little. However, he is a great sleeper and napper (when I am not on the run from errands while P is at pre-school).
We are so excited that he is officially 10 months old today! It has been a fun journey in deed! Especially the last two months...and the photos can explain well. He is fascinated with any new looking object, but some how he has a deep longing and desire to bond with the dog food and water dish.

 Guess we don't need to get him much for his birthday? LOL
We love you baby Kaden-Happy 10months :)

(...taken with my phone camera..not the clearest...but maybe the cutest yet of our chunk of love)
We are so smitten and love them both!

Grateful to God for both of our sweet boys :)
AND a sneak peak at our little "trick-or-treater's" this year ....(again another photo from my phone)

Go "Orange!" (Our football player and our football baby!)

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