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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Airplane Adventure

We had a memorable Easter weekend and once again more special guests to come and meet Baby Kaden. On March 28th, Kaden turned 3 months old. He is doing much more interaction with us now and Parker is enjoying that! He is cooing more and still enjoys being held and cuddled. He is starting to sleep almost 9 hour stretches at night-and I am almost sure he is 15 pounds by now! So stinking cute and chubby. Yes- already have the boy in 6 month clothing. Fingers crossed he slows down a bit so I don't have to keep changing the wardrobe every month!
He just started smiling about 2 weeks ago. I was able to capture a good one the other day!
 Mike's college roommate Chris, his wife, Meghan and their 19 month old, Emma all came from Charlotte.

Kaden-3 months old!
A few days before Easter arrived-Parker had an Egg hunt at his preschool and made these adorable Bunny Baskets. The morning after-I could not find Parker. I soon discovered him in the backyard with the basket secretly eating the candy away! SO stinking hilarious! So young and SO smart-ALREADY!

                   We loved having Emma here to entertain Parker while we caught up with Chris and Meghan.

 We even got in time to watch a movie once the two of them were in bed. (Rare occurence to have time to sit and watch a movie now that there are 2 kids in the house!) Of course it would not be a memorable Easter weekend, without an Egg Hunt. So, Saturday we went to our Church's Egg hunt! We had 40,000 Easter eggs this year!! It was a blast for the kids and entertaining for us adults. Especially when Parker's friend, AJ, decided to put the eggs he got into Emma's Easter basket :). Then AJ decided to take them out-ending with emptying ALL of them out of her basket! :( Her happy heart ending with a crushed heart!)  I hate to admit it-but it was hysterical to watch.But we made sure to get her basket full of eggs in the end.

(Parker ran into his school friend, Trey)

(Marlee joined the festivities too!)

Easter Sunday we enjoyed the service and were reminded of the Redemption we have in our Savior and the true Peace in Christ! It is such a joy to know the peace and reason we celebrate Easter! Praying that Parker and Kaden will eventually know all that God did for them!

Easter Family photo-take 1

Easter Family photo-take 2

Easter Family photo-2010 (as good as you can get with a 2 year old)

 Following Church we had Lunch at Elevation (Our small-local Airport's restaurant).Uncle Rick, Aunt LaLa and Terry all went with the 7 of us! It was the perfect place for Parker. He is FASCINATED with Airplanes! (Hence the Easter outfits for Parker and Kaden from Gymboree this year-it was so fitting and to darn cute!)

 We made sure Parker sat by the window and got entertainment by watching them come in! Kaden enjoyed his first Easter dinner by spending most of the time doing what most 3 months old do-sleeping.

Thanks for making it a special weekend-Chris, Meghan and Emma!  Special thanks to Uncle Rick, Aunt Lala and Terry for picking the perfect place for Easter dinner!

(Not fair-Emma's mommy is holding Baby Kaden!)

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend!


Tiffany said...

Oh, Jenn! I loved the photos! I adore Kaden's outfit - so precious! Glad you had a nice Easter. {grin}

I started a new blog hop. Will you join?? {grin}

thedulls said...

awesome post. Great family pictures! What a beautiful, sweet, and giving family! : )