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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Adventures (Part 2)

Last Wednesday, I kept Parker out of school for a special visit! My friend Christy (from college) was in the area. So, I took Parker and Kaden to meet her and her kids. We got together last July when they were up from FL visiting family. When were last together, Christy and I were both expecting. So, it was neat to finally meet their newest addition, Noah! We enjoyed the day at the park, lunch and of course special cupcakes...that Parker picked out~ sure wish they were closer so we could do it more often!

Saturday night we went over to Kayleigh Bugg's house *that is what Parker loves to call her now! We had one last visit at their house~ They SOLD their house! (Sigh :( and we are so happy that it finally sold after 2 years.) They are not going far for now. They will be moving to downtown ATL till the Lord directs them to a new house. (It is something they have always wanted to do, and it will be a fun place to visit this summer!) So many fun memories over there, and it seems like it was just yesterday that Parker and I stepped foot for the first time in it! WOW ....time is flying by. I am so grateful for the fun friendship that Parker and Kayleigh have established and of course the friendship with Liz and Craig is a blessing to me and Michael!

 This past Monday, Parker got to celebrate his Summer birthday with his classmates.
I think he will be in school for his birthday going forward. GA is about to move the start date to the beginning of Aug. so he will be able to celebrate the real birthday at school! (Not sure how he will like that!?) I made a treat based around the weekly theme "Sun, Moon &Stars!" I made round sugar cookies, frosted them yellow (the color of the week) and sprinkled them with stars! ( I try when I can to be creative :) grin! All the kids loved the cookies and Parker enjoyed wearing the special Birthday hat!

(Kayleigh Bugg checking out the yummy cookie)

Here is my laugh of the week!

Parker was playing in the pantry and here is how I found him the other day!
I sure do love being his mommy (and Kaden's too~ can't wait to see all that he will be exploring soon!)

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Anonymous said...

cute cute post! I am glad you got that time with Christy. I am sure you guys had a blast!