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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Adventures (Part 1)

I can't believe how much occured in the month of April! So, I will have to make a couple posts to share on our many adventures.

The beginning of April we became the proud owners of a mini van!
It fell into our laps and was a deal that was from the Lord! We love the extra room and having 2 kids in car seats make life much easier with a van.
The van came to us just in time~ Kaden and I had to take a road trip to MI! It was not a planned trip but a bittersweet visit. A long time family friend passed away. Sally, struggled with Pancreatitis and the Lord took her home on April 7! (Sally, was one of my sister's best friends growing up). Her family was like a second family to my sisters and me growing up! So, I had to be home for my friend, Becky (Sally's sister) and her mom! I am so gald that I got to be there for the memorial service and share on some sweet memories of Sally's life.
Kaden got to meet two of his aunts, his cousins Grace and Josh,  and family friends-Becky (her family) and  Mom H. We had a special time out with Grandpa C to breakfast and enjoyed some other adventures too. He wasn't to happy with something I ate while we were there; and I am pretty sure it was Marinara sauce!...So we had a rough end to our visit, but I am so happy that he got to meet them before he turns 1.  

I do not reccommend a road trip with a newborn to anyone! BUT, I was not going to fly and have all these restrictions either! So, I called my longtime friend Cari (from HS) and stayed at her house in OH! It was the perfect 1/2 way point. It was great to finally meet her daughter, Kensy!

Parker stayed home with Daddy and they had a ton of fun. I don't think Parker missed me at all- He greeted me by saying "No-no!' Daddy! Where did Daddy go?!" I tried not to take it to personal
 :( And, of course I could not have gone-had it not been for my great friends stepping in to watch Parker. Thank you Lorelei and Liz!

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