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Monday, November 16, 2009

30 Weeks Already!

(28 weeks pregnant Posing at Halloween with Samantha and Lorelei)
I can't believe that in 2 months our little Sweet Pea will arrive! This Thursday I will be 31 weeks and I am having a ton of Braxton Hicks. I am carrying this baby so different then I did with Parker and starting to get really uncomfortable as I near the end. Here is the blog entry when I was 29 weeks with Parker and a photo. It's really amazing how different it is this time around. My nights are no longer 8 hours straight. I am now awakened by my FULL bladder every 3 hours. I am really looking forward to having my belly flatter (so I can sleep on my stomach) and a bladder that is good to go for at least 8 hours. LOL Grateful to God that Sweet Pea is growing (even though I may be uncomfortable) and praying that last 8 weeks go smoothly.
I am bad-no recent belly shots of me the past few days, but the one above was taken 2 weeks ago for Halloween.
Please be in prayer for Mike and I to come to a final agreement on Baby Names!
We have pretty much agreed on a girl name and a boy name BUT we are battling the whole middle name thing! He thinks we should skip a middle name for the girl completely and for the boy we need to use Ramsey! ( I disagree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Yes, you read that correctly! As most of you know my dear husband is~ a CPA and a huge fan of the Financial Advisor "Dave Ramsey! So, I don't think that Ramsey flows with our last name! Why is it so hard to name the second child? Not to mention that it is making it harder for us too-because we don't even know the gender of Sweet Pea! It really is causing major tension and I am gonna win this battle the day I birth this precious child! He laughs every time I say that!
Apart from this baby being officially named we are trying to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy and just being a family of 3. Last Wednesday, Mike and I got out on a date. He had the day off and Parker had school. So, we dropped the boy off and went out to breakfast to my favorite place - IHOP ! I LOVE french toast and loved having quality time with Mike and not debating baby names. We even got a chance to go see a Matinee too! Wish we had it more often, but we are looking forward to our next date out (and we love it when we don't have to pay for Child care) This Saturday, we are headed out to dinner with our small group from Church and looking forward to the fellowship and time with the friends kids free. Thanks Aunt LaLa for taking Parker for us so we can get out!
This past Saturday, Mike sent me off to the Outlets with Samantha and her sister. I really didn't need to go buy for me-but did need a few things for Parker. So, I got home with some great deals and found this little surprise from my boys "just because."So,I have to give him credit. He may be getting on my last nerve with naming Sweet Pea, but he does know how to make me smile!
Update on Parker's health;
Parker was starting to feel better but now is fighting a really bad head cold SO the Cough has returned! We still have that nebulizer out. It has become a decoration in our family room and the visits are becoming more frequent again! LOL ~We are still trying to get him to get a full dose of his new medicine Singular. So far , I think he is only getting 1/2 the dose, since it has to be sprinkled in food. Well-we may be forcing it in him or having to switch to the pills. This is a tough age since he is so picky with his food! I remind myself daily that "The Lord doesn't give us more then we can handle" and I am really praying that Sweet Pea takes after Daddy and not Mommy and Parker with Asthma and Allergies!
And last but not least...gotta post this ADORABLE photo of Parker and his friends!

Last Friday, we had play day at my house (with some of my MOPs friends). The day was beautiful for November as you can see -Hence why we love "Shirtless Fall Days!"

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