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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September Adventures

Parker is into his 3rd week of Play-school (aka-Mom's morning out/2 year old preschool)! He walks right in each Mon/Wed. and never looks back. Kayleigh loves school just as much as Parker and they get so excited to see each other in class. Next Monday, we start watching Kayleigh and her baby sister, Caroline.We will have them here Mon & Tuesday while their mommy goes and teaches 3rd grade. I would LOVE to keep them for the remainder of the school year-but Sweet Pea will be arriving after Christmas and I will have my hands full. So, we will have Kayleigh and Caroline with us through December. I am so happy that their mom's friend is going to take them from Jan-May~ it makes me feel better that they have a great place to be.

We are getting Parker adjusted to the Big Boy room . He sleeps in there at nights and takes naps in his crib. This past weekend has been ROUGH for Parker ! He was screaming and refusing to go to sleep! Well, yesterday it all made sense! He woke up from his nap with a fever of 102. So last night I did not even fight bed time with him and just put him in his crib . His fever spiked to 103. So, we went to the DR today and found out it is just a bad virus that is just like strep! So, no school for Parker-till his fever goes away for at least 24 hours. :(

Sweet Pea update: Can't believe that Sweet Pea will be here in 4 months! Here is a photo of my big belly (22 weeks) ~ (Sorry I do not do bare belly ones)-I was so good about posting belly shots while pregnant with Parker every 2-4 weeks. So, I better get better with Sweet Pea. I am definitely bigger this time around at 22weeks and carrying Sweet pea higher then I did with Parker! I'm still bad about eating all my sweets but I can't complain. I have only gained 15 lbs and hope not to pass the 27 mark I did with Parker-but I am really trying to watch the sweet cravings! We're very grateful for a healthy pregnancy/baby thus far. Our next apt is on Wed. Oct. 7th!

This past weekend, Mike and I got out to celebrate "Aunt La-La's" birthday. Lorelei had some of us join her and Rick for dinner at her favorite Persian Restaurant and then we went to a comedy club! (Samantha and I made a gigantic Candy Bar Card for her- and she loved it.) We loved being out and having free babysitting from my good friend, Yvette! Saturday, Parker and I joined Aunt La-La and her good friend Eleanor for the "Taste of Kennesaw" festival-but I think he was starting to get sick then-he was so out of it that day! We love spending time with Aunt LaLa and Uncle Rick -they are very special to us all!

We leave next Wed. for VA Beach-It is already that time of year...The Annual PWC Softball Tournament! Mike and his friends from his old company (PWC) won the tournament last year in Orlando. So, they are in charge of the whole debut this year! They picked to host it in VA Beach-and they have been BUSY! It has been alot of work for them (and I am in charge of running the big Friday Night Dinner) So, we will be busy next weekend! Following the Softball Tournament, Parker and I will be driving up to NY to visit Nene and Papa -since Mike and I have a wedding to attend the next weekend for good friends of ours in Syracuse. VA Beach is 1/2 way to NY and I had no interest in driving back to GA one weekend and then 4 days later getting in the car and driving another 16 hours. It will be one more nice visit/get-a-way before Sweet Pea arrives.

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