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Monday, September 21, 2009

Flooded Inn in the Fall '09

Every where around our metro Northwest Atlanta area is flooded! The Southeastern states overall are disastrous! Over 20 inches of rain in the last 3 days alone...very depressing and it is only going to get worse before we get better! Praying that rain does not do more flooding to us!
Today, was was my first day watching Kayleigh and Caroline and I will never forget it! I actually took Parker and Kayleigh to pre-school today! The rain (that we have had for 6 days straight) had stopped and I thought the trip to their school would be fine! Thankfully the girls had a great first rides and all!
I on the other hand had a few meltdowns~My normal 10 minute commute to our church took me 30 minutes getting there! I got stuck there I couldn't get home. So, I stayed with Caroline at the church-fed her-got her to sleep and got Kayleigh and Parker from class after 2 hours of play. (Normal day of play school is 4 hours for them-but I was content that 2 hours was good for today!)
It took us 1 hour ~BUT...Praise the Lord we made it; and Mike had to coach me on the phone with all the routes to try since I was feeling so hopeless! I am so thankful for the hope we have each day in the Lord-He truly was my strength today since I had none left!
Here is what many routes home looked like:

Local Ball Park near our house (Not actually on the way home but gives you an idea).
Thankfully our local school district JUST cancelled for tomorrow (so No Kayleigh and Caroline) and no errands that we have to run! And YES, Liz (the girls mom) and Mike made it here!
We are flooded in tomorrow and hopefully we can get out on Wed!

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