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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Camp BaYouCa & Parker's 2nd Birthday

We are back from our vacation to Family Camp @ Camp BaYouCa! Camp BaYouCa is special to Mike and me ~it is the camp we met at, so this was our first time to go as a family and introduce BaYouCa to Parker! We had a blast watching Parker explore and spending time with some of Mike's family members!
I am not sure how I shall sum up the MANY adventures.
Here is a list of some of the MANY adventures we experienced while on vacation!
We Stopped in MD on our way to NY to visit Uncle Brian & Aunt Courtney! We had a blast hanging out with them and celebrating Aunt Courtney's birthday.

  • Sunday, we attended Mike's Family Reunion on his Mom's side and participated in their version of "Parker Idol"
  • (Some of the Parker cousins being goofy in the pool )

  • Monday -Friday, We stayed in a cabin at Camp BaYouCa in 90+ degree heat and NO A.C. ! (Nevertheless, I survived it being 4 & 1/2 months Prego...with seven fans!)

    (Mike and his cousin Chad with their H.School friend, Shawn...(who met Parker for the first time).
  • We celebrated Parker's 2nd birthday during the week with the Family and had a special Elmo cake and lots of Elmo gifts!

(Celebrating with some of the family...he LOVED everyone singing to him)

(Officially 2 years old-taken on real birthday 8/20) (Smiling happily with Nene (as he calls her that now) and Pa-Pa) (Opening his gift from Grammy & Grandpa Clark...he LOVED the book all about trucks and it made noise!)

  • We had Parker's 2 year old photo shoot done at Camp, by a good friend of mine from College. Tiffany is the Assistant Directors Wife~...Check out her blog and work... (I will post his 2 year old photos when she gets them all edited!) Here are just a few of my favorites...

  • During Family Camp, we had to adopt a family secretly! The goal is that you pray for them daily and do little things for them! As a family, you are to give daily clues that hint who you are! We drew Mike's Aunt and Uncle, it was a BLAST to play it up, and we gave them clues that had nothing to do with us.
  • Mom R and I snuck off and got Pedicures during the week-so nice and relaxing!

  • Mike and his Aunt Bonnie participated in the Dinner Theater at Camp. To make matters funnier during the play-Mike had a major crush on her!

  • On the way home-we spent the night in Roanoke, VA. to stay with our friends from Camp, the Abrams!
  • Mike learned how to Wake Board in VA!
  • We got out on a double date with the Abrams (no kids) and had to much fun!

  • We traveled a total of 16 hours... 2 weekends in a row! After all the hours and PACKED Car-we've discovered that we must now purchase a mini-van in the future! ~We have outgrown the Rav 4! (Sigh...I love my little SUV!)

    I am not sure if we are more happy to have the A.C. back or be out of the car!
    Over all -being away was a refreshing, relaxing and made us appreciate each other more and appreciate all that God has done for us and given us!

Jenn :)

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