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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Boy Bedding

Now that we officially have a 2 year old, we are transitioning to the “Big Boy Room!” Our plan is to have him in the "Big Boy Room", Labor Day Weekend!
I have searched & searched & searched for the big boy bedding! Finally, we found the perfect bedding for our "All Star-Ball Lover! In addition, I will admit something I loved!

I ordered him the All Star bedding set from JoJo Designs. It is perfect for him to grow into. I did not want something that he would outgrow in a few years, so this is very fitting for our sports lover! We are putting him in the full size bed that is currently in our guestroom! I think he will be extremely excited to get into the new room! As you can see from the photo, he is in love with the comforter! I ordered it Monday and it arrived on Wed! I had it sitting on the couch for him when he woke up Thurs. When he saw it, he ran to it saying "Bas-et-ball-Shoot the ball, bay-ball!" Parker immediately pulled it off the couch and wrapped up in it on the floor!
My parents will be down for a visit when Sweet pea arrives! Therefore, I am going to put my dad to work! He is very handy and I have a HUGE list! One of the chores is for him to put up Bead board in Parker's room and I must not forget to mention the “Sports Ceiling Fan!” Therefore, the room will finally be complete in January! In the meantime, we have lots to do before Sweet pea arrives...biggest one being Parker into his big boy bed! Speaking of Big Boy, we had his 2 year check up today and he is growing TALL and staying the same in weight! He is 35 & 3/4 in. and in the (80 % ) and he is 27 lbs even. (40 %)! Looks like we will have a tall boy! We will post the photos of the Big Boy room as we gradually get moved in!
Off to put some Party bags together for his little Birthday Party tomorrow! :)

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Elizabeth @ things with feathers said...

Jenn, I just blogged about our big boy room, too! I love the sports bedding. So great. Bantten didn't have any issues transitioning at all- loved it all from the get-go (he rolled around on his comforter in the family room when it arrived, too, and used it as a play mat for a couple weeks before it made it onto the bed. :-) I think Parker will do AWESOME!