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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Kicking off the Summer

Last week, Parker and I went to an in-door play place called Jump-Its! (We were suppose to be at Noah and Sailor's house swimming. But, the rain changed those plans for us!) So, we met Noah, Sailor and Sweet little Charlotte and Marlee at Jump-Its! It ended up being a great plan B. We mommies sure got a work out too! I was convinced that I did not need to go to the Y that day, since I was chasing my 21 month old around. Aunt Sam, really got a BIG work out-she took the kids up and down the slides and I took photos! Thanks,Aunt Sam! A funny moment of the day was when, Parker was really thirsty and could only reach mommies 7-Up! So he got a nice shower when he reached for it off the table...LOL!

(Sizing up each other!!?? Hmm-who is taller?)

Saturday, I had a baby shower to attend for a MOP's friend! (Forgot my camera, can you believe it?) However, I loved being out to celebrate with some of my MOP's friends, and Shannon(as she gets ready for Baby #4) ~She is a role-model to me! Following the baby shower, Mike, Parker and I had a 1st Birthday Party to go to for, Luke! It was so much fun to watch Luke dig in and eat his first cake! He sure is a boy after his momm'y own heart (he LOVES his sweets!) Congratulations to Todd and Shawna too, on making it through the first year!

(Luke sitting in his new wagon that Parker and Marlee got him for his birthday!)

Tomorrow, Parker and I are leaving for TN! David, Joy and Trey are in from AZ visiting his family. So, of course we have to take advantage of a visit while they are on this side of the country! It's always fun to see the boys together! Praying that Parker travels well for the 3 hours trip! I usually time it with his naps (finger's crossed he gets a good 2 hour nap.) We will be back Tuesday night (just in time for me to play Bunko in the neighborhood!) Trying not to miss a beat here! I will be crashing by the weekend-I am sure!
Wednesday, we are headed over to Kayleigh's house to finally play! It will be fun to see Parker explore baby Caroline. He has only seen her once (and it was for a brief minute.) I will let you know what he thinks!
As you can see, we are staying busy and so happy Summer is here!

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Anonymous said...

some awesome activities! how awesome. the jumpit place looked fun and the seven up story is hysterical! glad you could go and see Joy - i am sure that was super special!