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Friday, June 12, 2009

Family time and Friends

(All BOY and creative!)

(Catch Dad!)

Parker and Mike have really been bonding with the "basketball" these past few weeks! According to Parker, Basketball is pronounced "Baket-ball!" Here are some photos to show how fun it is to play with Daddy, after he gets home from work! (OH-if it is a ball it is automatically called a "Baket-ball") Notice the football in the photo -He actually is working on saying "football" but it comes out more with a big head shake and "t-ball"! Mike has been coming home earlier then his 7:00 / 7:30 usual ,to take advantage of summer days. I have been trying to have dinner ready for all 3 of us by 6 . We LOVE eating on the patio and enjoying the family time! Parker is so happy when he sees daddy come home ~he is totally a Daddy's boy!

On Monday, Parker and I went to TN to visit Joy & Trey. David was headed out on a rafting trip with a friend. So, that allowed some great one-on-one time for Joy and Me! (And of course we allowed a ton of play time for the boys!) We took them to the local mall and let them run around the in-door play zone! (It was perfect!) Parker was worn out by the end of the week! Yesterday, he took a 4 & 1/2 hour nap! I was getting worried for a while -but then I realized his napping and sleeping were ALL off at the beginning of the week! I was thrilled to get some projects done!
Wednesday, we went over to Kayleigh's and hung out with her and her new baby sister, Caroline! Parker checked out Caroline for a few minutes but then got right to business (toys that is!) Parker and Kayleigh love each other so much and had fun playing in her backyard with her little pool and summer toys! Tonight we get to watch Kayleigh and Caroline so her mommy and daddy can have a date for their upcoming anniversary! So happy to help out and allow them FREE childcare!

Tomorrow we have another birthday party to go to-and it is a Firetruck theme! I think Parker will LOVE this. Following the birthday party (Parker will get his nap). Then we are off to the neighborhood pool party! Always a fun time and never a dull moment with Mike's presence in the crowd! LOL ~We may not have family in town-but our friends (who often treat us like family) sure keep us busy and on the go! :)

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