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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday(+a few words) & 21 Months

Big Sister, Kayleigh meeting-little sister, Caroline!

Caroline Elsyn Kaiser

7lbs 1.Oz

19 inches long

We are so excited for the Kaisers and for big sister, Kayleigh!

Parker can't wait to meet you!

Parker is 21 months old today!

In the last 2 weeks he has been fascinated with "Buh!" (a.k.a.Books)

Each morning when he wakes up he wants to read a book, look at it, laugh and then carry it around the house! (Hmm-I wonder if his mommy was/is a teacher?) So glad that it is finally kicking in to "love books"! We are so excited for this! Maybe story time will be his favorite time at Pre-school ?!
Can't wait to see your "Wordless Wednesday Blog!"

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thedulls said...

how awesome that he loves books!