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Saturday, May 30, 2009

May Moments

I forgot to post my "Wordless Wednesday" photo and this is what I meant to post:

We spent Memorial Day with our Syracuse Group Friends! We had a cook-out with all of them at Chris and Erin’s house! Chris left some food on the grill a little too long (hence the photo of Erin, his FiancĂ© holding up the overcooked hot dog.) Despite some over-cooked meat, we still had plenty to eat and enjoyed getting caught up with each couple! Everyone was clearly entertained by Parker’s presence and his latest interests!

On Tuesday, we had a play day at Ellie's house! Parker loved hanging out at Ellie's. Ellie is a friend from our MOP's group. She had some exciting toys with Elmo and that was the highlight of his time ....or slamming doors with Tucker? Needless to say-it was a close tie. The boy was entertained. LOL! We always enjoy eating lunch and playing with our MOP's Friends!

(Ellie, being a big girl in my shoes)

The week before Memorial Day, I took Parker to the Atlanta Zoo with some Mom's in my MOP's group! Parker was fascinated by the entire collection of Abbey’s (Abbey: a.k.a. "Animals")! We stayed for about 2 hours and then it began to rain! It was the perfect 2 hour visit since Parker, still requires a good 2 hour nap! Thankfully he made it ALL the way home without falling asleep in the car. He ended up taking a good 3 hour nap that day. I was a happy mama!

We are amazed that June is just 2 days away and that means.....SUMMER...Yeah!
We have some exciting events coming up ; a trip to TN to visit with the Ashworths, Father's Day, a visit with Nana(flying in the end of the month), and a few other things we look forward to sharing with you soon!
Jenn :)

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