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Thursday, February 19, 2009

18 Months old and.....

Parker got his first Haircut!

Yesterday was an adventure I will always remember.
I had to capture the moment on video since Daddy is away in Brazil.

I will be the first to admit that our child is NOT perfect and by no means "an angel !" But we sure think he is cute! Did I mention VERY strongwilled, hilarious and defineitely "ALL BOY!" I write all this explanation for his behavior in the first video. Of course, it was his FIRST haircut and he had never been in this situation before! After his tears and uncertainty,we bribed him to get through with this wonderful creation of nothing more then sugar on a stick, a.k.a "A SUCKER!" I assisted and had him sit on my lap. It turned out cute and so happy to have that "long hair finally cut!"
The week has been long since Mike was away and we were sick. On top of us being ill, I have had to pull out the nebulizer again for him. He has been wheezing and coughing a ton. But, he still has been a happy boy and not missed a moment with his time outside or playing with his ball! He got some extra playtime in with Kayleigh, even though I wasn't watching her, and I posted a few photos of our time.
Just this past month he took a deep interest in a spoon and fork . He is really growing up to be a big boy. He is 25 pounds and next week we will see where he is on the charts.
In the world of food, we still battle over certain vegetables, but he is getting better. :)
Each day is always an adventure (a true understatement) with him and we are so happy to have him in our lives.
Enjoy the videos : )

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