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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Makeup and Kitchenmakeover

(Aunt Julie, her little boy, Jack and Parker this summer at a family friends house! )

I just have to brag for a minute about a famous Makeup Artist whom I am related to!
My baby sister, Julie is a makeup artist in Grand Rapids, MI! She's worked for a big cosmetic company (hint: starts with "Cha" and ends with "nel") as a regional artist for several years now. Aside from that, she's freelancing and becoming more involved in the fashion industry and has some exciting jobs coming up. She was recently invited to work an event as the lead makeup artist for a designer that shows at NY Fashion Week! Anyway, I'm so proud of her! Check out her website:
I am very proud of you Julie and excited to see how God is using your artistic ability!
She definitely has an eye and is the one who helped me come up with my ideas for my Kitchen Makeover too!
And that's the other excitement.....
The kitchen is FINALLY getting painted TODAY! Here is the kitchen in progress! Looking forward to showing off the final product, new draperies & decorations soon! I have fallen in love with green and very happy with the way it will look!
I was a bit nervous about this shade-but Julie convinced me the bright color with the contrasting chocolate brown/green paisley print draperies will look sharp! She also said I could get away with it since there is so much edging and not allot of wall space! On top of all this , I am very grateful a friend could do it for us for a great deal!~Thanks Dave!

I will post the final product soon!
Jenn :)

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Julie Strating said...

Jen, you're too sweet :) And I'm loving the green! Can't wait to see it with your new custom drapes too!