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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Is a sick day allowed in mommyhood?

Last week Mike was ill and this week I am ill!
Mike went to our family Dr, last Friday and found out he had a sinus infection! He had his down time and was completely knocked out (after taking cough medicine with co dine)! Now, he is doing much better and I started feeling "icky" on Sunday! I went to my Allergy/Asthma Dr. this AM (Mike stayed home with Parker-THANK YOU for a flexible job that allows him to work from home sometimes!).
I felt like I was coming down with Bronchitis (I tend to get it yearly)-but the good news is, no infection in the lungs! I actually have a respiratory virus that last 7-10 days, sore throat-laryngitis, weak lungs,( got a steroid for that and the horrible cough) and just feeling crappy! My allergist is actually getting over it too! I am so thankful he did not just prescribe an antibiotic just because-he knew my body and is very aware of what is best!
So, Parker just took a good 2 & 1/2 hour nap and I got a good hour in of resting. Wish I could have a sick day!
I wish there was a form you could feel out and have the day off of being a "mommy!" But -thankfully Mike came home early Monday, and allowed me a night out with my BUNKO girls, and stayed with Parker this AM!
I will be grateful to have this behind me...hopefully next week!
Praying I can sleep tonight!

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