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Friday, September 12, 2008

Goodtimes with Kayleigh

We have been back into our Monday/Tuesady routine with Kayleigh. Parker LOVES having her around. I think more so because, he can pull these colorful things out of her hair, or take her paci out and wonder what it is in there for ? (Since he lost interest in it-he can't remember its purpose!)
So these two are inseperable when they are together!

I have loved getting to know Liz, Kayleigh's Mom. We have almost to much in common. Just that we are 3rd grade teachers says enough. We try to do lunch each month and are always finding fun adventures to take them too! I take them to MOPS everyother Tuesday, and the newest adventure is Story & Mucic time at a Gymnastics center.
Parker got a new wagon from Grammy & Big Poppy for his Birthday and Kayleigh loves it too! If the weather is decent, I try to take them each day for a ride in it! Kayleigh has grown to love it so much ~she cried on her way out, when she had to leave it ! I am happy to report that she is now an owner of one too!

This past Thursday we went to Story/Music time. (It is free in the month of Sept. so we are all about "freebies"!) Parker and Kayleigh both have the interest in music! The interesting thing is that Parker was not into the story so much. However, he occasionally got into a song but he was really into crawling through the "fort!" (Fort= a rolled up piece of foam) After Liz and I showed him how to get in, we could not keep him out. It was neat to see him explore this "new" place. Kayleigh was constantly looking to see that Parker was still in sight when she was getting into the class. We got a free CD and he LOVES the songs! We are looking forward to next Thursday.

FYI: (Yes, that would be a little red-head boy! Who would have ever guessed that Mike and Jenn would have a red head boy! Well the roots are on boths sides.)

We are looking forward to class this Thursday, Kayleigh!
Parker and Mommy :)

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