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Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Dice Divas"Getaway!

Many of you know that I play Bunko each month in the neighborhood. The name of our group is "Dice Diva's". (There is another group in the neighborhood as well-so we had to come up with a name. ) We actually play at each of our homes 1 x a year and with 12 members it works out perfectly. But we decided to do something different and bond a little more... For the first time, we decided to play Bunko on a Friday night up at one of the girl's cabins! We had a BLAST!

It was my first night away from Parker. Mike and Parker got to have some good bonding. Of course I was only gone about 18 hours. The time, laughter, adventure, and "no husbands or kids allowed" was great thearapy for all 10 of us!

We were only about 1 hour away and Jeane's cabin was more like a resort. We went 4 wheeling, ate pizza, had a bon-fire, made smores,talked-talked-talked, laughed a tone, stayed up late, laughed (did I mention that already?), had to much to eat & (we did find time to actually play Bunko, and I won the prize for having a Bunko!) And of course it was an adventure to sleep in rooms with each other. (Of Course me and Lorelei, got texted in the middle of the night- to "go to sleep" because of all of laughter!!) It was just like the days of girls sleepovers!

A note about the cross photo; At the top of the hill that we were 4-wheeling on, was this cross. The previous owner had placed it there so Jeane's family left it there. I got a breath-taking photo of it, just before sunset! It made me reflect on how good our God is and all that he has done for me!
Thanks Mike for letting me go and have such an awesome time with my "Dice-Diva's."

It was awesome!

Jenn :)
Here are some more photos that show(just a little) how much fun we had...!

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