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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Parker's Party

What a fun first week it has been being 1!
We just took Gramma Riese back to the airport today (sigh)! We were so glad she got to be here for Parker's 1st birthday. But we hate goodbyes.

On (8/20) Parker's real birthday-we got an ice-cream cake from DQ ! We allowed Parker to devour it...but instead he cried...(why?) it involved the candle getting a little to close! However ,he finally got into the whipped topping (and there was no just scared him)and enjoyed his share of the ice-cream cake.
On Saturday, Aug.23rd we had 25 guests (mainly our friends...a few of Parker's) join us for Parker's first birthday party! When it was time for the cake
... it was all to familiar. He started to cry when we had the cake in front of him! (We think he is tramatized by birthday cakes and candles now....( the past: he burnt his finger with my family, he did it on Wed. and the 3rd time around he remembered and didn't want anything to do with the cake!) Poor little guy!
So this will explain the photos a little more clearly.
It was wonderful to make so many memories and have so many of our friends come out and support us and Parker for his 1st birthday.

Highlights of his party:
Theme: All-Stars First Birthday (so we geared it all around sports...especially Baseball) (Hence the sports theme for the slideshow)
Food: We had NY chicken spedies, Hotdogs, cold salads, watermelon (Parker's latest favorite fruit),
Gifts for guests:goodie bags for all (related to baseball),

Decorations: balloons (18 to be exact-and Baseball ones too!)
Special surprise: we showed his Birthday video!
Thanks again to all who came out to celebrate!
(I will post another slide show of our visit with Gramma Riese.)
Click to play Parker's 1st Birthday Pa
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Jenn, Mike and Parker :)

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