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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nebulizer Baby

YUP! We just bacame the owners of a nebulizer today! Parker has been coughing on and off for 2 weeks now. Of course, he had croupe in April~so I have been thinking "it never got better!"

So, I called his Pediatric office this morning (knowing his pediatrician was on vacation) and I took whoever we could see)! I was impressed with the Dr. we saw today. She was very thorough and walked all over the office with him to see if she could move him enough to hear the "Asthma/wheezing" sound! (She jumped to investigate him well because I told her that I have asthma!) ( I didn't realize it is so heriditary!) She heard the horrible cough and investigated his ears and then the throat......was beating red! My instant thoughts "Oh dear...Not Strep... 5 minutes later nurse says "YUP, STREP!"

Sure enough his visit today for what I thought was a "cold or upper respiratory infection" turned into Asthma and Strep! "Mommy wasn't ready for that shock ,since he is only 9 1/2 mths!" The Dr. diagnosed his Asthma and got us a Nebulizer-so today we began treatments(we hope he will be good 3 x a day for 2 weeks!) He got his first treatment in the office and was a gem! (5 nurses were standing around and in "awe" of his happy spirits,even though he looked like Darth Vadar and was confined to a face mask!) Tonight he wasn't so keen about the process!?!
So our happy baby has a very high pain tolerance! I had no clue about his sore throat, and fever!I felt so bad to get all the news today. He still has been sleeping 10-11 hours each night, but the coughing has progressed! I am thankful that I am a very detailed person and I pay attention to the littlest things! I think God has blessed me in this area, and of course given me that natural "mommy instinct" (it obviously helped me to protect Parker from getting worse). Thank you, Lord!
We will see how he is doing in 2 weeks! I am very thankful for great health insurance and that we didn't have to pay for the nebulizer!

Following the Dr. we were at the pharmacist to get all the medicine and antibiotics! And next thing I knew it was nap time....we missed a good time to go to the pool. He slept the afternoon away~(poor little guy)!

Looks like we will wait till next week for the pool!

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Chaz & Kari Dull said...

praise the Lord you could get that treated . . . and like you said, that you had the mother instinct going on. I love the pictures, parker looking at Mike and Mike looking at Parker. So cute.

EJBABY said...

years from now he'll think this was a make shift elephant costume for trick or treating!
he really is a good baby!