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Saturday, June 21, 2008

10 months...

and crawling!
I posted a video of Parker crawling (below). He just got the hang of it this week! We thought that he wasn't going to take an interest. He sure loves to go for Daddy's Blackberry...and that has really got him movin
Parker's latest trends besides crawling and eating cords...
Favorite snack-white cheddar cheese puffs
Favorite meal-Mac & Cheese (and he must feed himself...see photo below)
Favorite Book-Any book we read & he can chew
Most quoted word-"DADA" (*sigh...only mama when he is upset!")
Favorite game: Patty-cake
Favorite toy: mini keyboard (HE LOVES MUSIC)

Happy Belated Father's Day to the 2 best dads! We feel so blessed to have each of you in our lives! You have been so supportive and encouraging to each one of us over the years! Thank you for being great role models for us! Mike's first father's day present is Atlanta Braves Tickets! Mike is not to keen on going all out for him...but we will be going Monday night to celebrate "Father's Day!"

We have been BUSY and hence the reason for no blog last Sunday! Mike was playing Softball and we went to watch in the HOTlanta weather.The house didn't feel cool when we returned from the hot day! I called a local AC/ & Heating company and we got the sad news that our AC is out (downstairs) the compressor died! (Obviously ,we knew it was almost time-it is the original unit! The good news is that we own a 2 story home and have 2 AC (central air/furnaces) so the upstairs is cool! After 4 quotes from different companies , and an exhausting week of praying and choosing-we finally will have a new furnace & AC unit next Tuesday! It is like shopping for a don't just pick any one! We are Dave Ramsey fanatics and have the Emergency Fund in place for these BIG purchases, so we are grateful to the Lord that we can pay CASH for the Furnace & AC next week!
So you can see he is getting big and starting to look like a little boy! Uncle Phil and the NEW Aunt Miracle are in town this weekend for a wedding (she was in). So we have enjoyed the company! We hope that Summer is off to a great start for all of you! Off to bed ....and upstairs where it is Much cooler.
So glad Tuesday is just around the corner and we will have AC again -down here!

Jenn, Mike & Parker


akr said...

Jack loves cords, puffs, and music too. I am trying to hide most of the cords but he just seems to find more. His newest adventure is pulling himself up and moving around. The crawling has happened but it took him awhile to get his knees underneath of him.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. He is sure growing up fast!! So neat.