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Monday, February 05, 2007

What's in a Name?

So we have had quite a journey this past month talking about names.
I love the verse in Proverbs that says,"A good name is rather to be chosen then great riches!"
So what is so special about names?
It is so amazing to take in this great responsibility-led alone naming your children!
I always do a search of my classes names each year-and it tells me how to pray for them!
I'm always amazed at how many of them, really DO live up to their names!!!
About 2 years ago, Mike and I agreed on family names for a boy and we have stuck with it :
BOY: P.W. (for those of us who know us know what this stands for)
(maiden names of our mothers)
he thinks it would be great to throw in C. after my dad-and get the initials -no joke (Think of the initials)

GIRL- Isabella Joy (or) Kayla Joy (Mikes choice!)
Isabella means "consecrated to God" ,and Joy after the one and only friend,Joy in our lives!
So we are having fun and I would not be surprised if we come up with a different name for a girl before Aug!
He actually thinks we could use P. for a girl-but I am not sold on it!
Only the Lord knows who is in my belly. He already knows the babies whole amazing!
BABY UPDATE: 13 weeks & baby has a healthy heartbeat!
I heard the heartbeat on Friday-It was unbelieveable! (Mike had to work and missed out!)
Baby has 142 beats per minute! It really did sound like a horse galloping!
I am finally feeling much better and now that my 2nd tri-mester has begun I am getting so much more energy back!
We will keep you all posted on upcoming Baby R!
Jenn, Mike and Baby:)


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akr said...

hey!! I like's perfect! I talked about it but Kevin wasn't in favor of it. He still wants a junior. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat yesterday and found out I am only 10 weeks so my due date is Sept. 22nd now. I'm having some spotting so it's a little stressful but the dr. says just to keep an eye on it. Hope you all are doing well!!