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Saturday, January 27, 2007

"A miracle waiting to be seen.."

Here is the photo from my first ultra sound 2 weeks ago! My digital had been uncoperative and I finally got it working! The frame is from one of my room mom's! So fitting for this miracle from God.
I will keep you all posted; and baby belly photos to come! (Not really noticeable yet!) Clothes are just getting tight. I am still dealing with m.sickness, and hopefully just 2 more weeks of it!
Mike is intensely busy with his current client. I can not wait for Feb. to arrive!
We have Joy and David in town this weekend! (They are actually keeping me company-since Mike is so consumed with his work.)
It is nice he is here, but will be nicer when the client is over!

Have a great week,
Jenn & Mike


akr said...

yah...we are having our first sonogram on's so exciting!!

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