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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Time is ticking away!

As of today- there are only 26 days left till school is over! I must say that it has been a wonderful year...a few bumps in the road, but they were good growing pains! I will be going into my 7th year of teaching come August!
WOW time has flown! I remember the first day I started teaching 3rd grade...I was totally in awe of that control that I had.
Speaking of time flying, Joy and David are counting down the days till their Sept. 30th wedding. It will be an exciting weekend!
So, we plan to forfeit the NewYork Vacation in July, beacause I will be there in September, to stand up for Joy and David's wedding. I wish I could say "WE" will be in NY, in Sept. BUT somebody has a very important engagement to attend...."A Softball Tournament!" Mike is heading up the ATL -PWC. office League; he will do what he can to attend the ceremony...but at this point...( I can not plan on him being there!) It is a weekend for me to bond with Joy before she is MRS. David Ashworth and spend time with the lovely in-laws! (They really are too!) So we will both be off doing what we love!!!
Time has so many meanings to it...right now when I say time in 3rd grade, my class thinks I am talking about their "times tables" that they need to know, or the "time-minutes" they owe for disobeying. As we all know, God is the ultimate controller of time- how much time have you given him today? I hope that you can set aside time for him each day, because he has given us so much time in our day. (I am speaking to myself too!)
May you continue to praise God for the many things he done for you. Don't waste the time God has given you!!
Jenn :)


David Ashworth said...

Thanks Jen- Looking forward to having you in the wedding. Joy and I can't wait to come hang out with you and Michael over the summer, after she moves to Tennessee, we will all have a blast. By the way- joy will be "Mrs. Thomas David Ashworth"

EJBABY said...

Perfect time for a paperchain!! Your 3rd graders will love it!
BTW, did I tell you I should start tutoring a 5th grader in math over the next few weeks?? Just for a short time. Guess any little bit helps.