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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Super Hero Cake Pops and Special request #1...

I am amazed at the "word of mouth" referral I am getting for my sweet little business!
I absolutely LOVE helping others out to make these what can be "time consuming" hot, wanted items for parties etc.
In the last few weeks, I have had 2 very special orders. One just got completed! And if I may say so, SUCCESS!
We stayed home for Thanksgiving and I rested after making 7 dozen turkey cake pops! Then it was a nice 4 days of family time. We also had my friend, Joy and her family over for dinner. (They had closed on their new home that Tuesday, so I insisted on feeding them and letting the boys play). And the kids ate first, then we ate while they was nice!
 I must say that we stayed home for the Thanksgiving holiday and it was so nice to just enjoy the time home and relax after 7 dozen Turkey Pops were made!

(And then of course, I jumped and went shopping @11 PM till 3AM).Yup, shopped and got alot accomplished. However, I am sure I could have gotten some of the same deals on line. But, the time spent with my friends was priceless.
I had a few days break and then it was time to pass off some sweet birthday pops for a little boy @ Parker's preschool. Following that order,I had my first challenge...Super Hero Cake Pops!
They were an absolute joy to make! All the cake pops were the basic butter cream cake pops and then character colors.(Only challenge was the "blue" for Spider man successfully accomplished after working with the correct amount of oil, dye and white chocolate)...the rest of the process and coloring was easy, thanks to WILTON!
The creativity came from the client to add the "rings"! I loved how they turned out and looking forward to making more "birthday" character cake pops. ($2.00 a piece with the special rings).

The next upcoming "special" order is for a very sweet couple in our small group. They are having their third baby in April, and find out in two weeks the gender.
However, it is SO close to Christmas Day when they find out, so they have opted to wait till Christmas DAY by biting into a truffle that I will be making "PINK" or "BLUE" to find out the gender!
How excited do you think I am???
Just a little!
 I cried tears of joy that night, after my friend asked me. I remember praying that God would use me to be a blessing to the community with my talent and business. But, I never would have seen this one coming and I am HONORED!
What a joy and privilege to make these special truffles in a couple of weeks and help them celebrate this 3rd child of theirs. :)
 I will not be able to reveal till after they find out! But, I sure will be SO excited to announce to all of you shortly after the holiday with the photos of the truffles. Something extra special about this!
So, Chocolate covered cherry PINK, for (GIRL) and Butter cream BLUE, for (BOY).
I guess I can add that to my list of options now available to all of you! :)

The next few weeks,I will be busy making Cake Pop Reindeer, Snowmen, & Truffle Baskets for many friends, family and clients.

I LOVE taking the load off of others and creating a unique and sweet treat for all to enjoy. I so call this my therapy and joy! Some of my friends call me "crazy!"
 But of course with the economy today, it is nice to offer something reasonable,special and homemade.
Can't wait to see what special orders will come in 2012!
THANKS to all of you who have been so supportive and passing on my business. I am loving this and so excited for all these Christmas Baskets.
Nap time is to my boys! :)

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