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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Spring has sprung...

and it is officially time for our annual Easter photos!
 I have made it a tradition (that I must keep up with) to take the boys for Easter photos (And we get a pose with an Easter animal).
I love the spring and I love the Easter Holiday.
It means NEW Beginnings and of course the New Life in Christ :)
Parker's first Easter he posed with a grey bunny. His second Easter he got to meet a baby lamb named Liam.
Last year it was Kaden's first Easter, and let's just say there were not just tears but lots of them. Parker was paranoid of the rabbits and Kaden wanted a nap :( but they posed with two bunnies).
This year we had our good friend and photographer Jason Pendley, take the photos of the boys with once again two furry, cute little bunnies!
We are happy to report  that there were NO tears and he got some great shots~"Yippee!"
Parker was hesitant and kept afar distance from the bunnies. However,Kaden, could not get enough of those little bunnies. (ie; attacking them, pulling them up by their ear, picking their fur....poor baby bunnies :(
 These two boys are like night and day and keep me laughing :)
I am looking forward to the photos and can't wait to post them.
Here are some fun snapshots I got after (as we were watching some other friends get their photos done).

                                        The boy has no fear and was in LOVE with these bunnies :)
(Escaping from the attacks of Kaden :)

As Easter means new life and beginnings we are excited to share that we have some "new beginnings" officially in our house....Kaden is walking! He has taken a few steps the last couple of weeks, but the confidence has arrived and he took off tonight.He took over a dozen steps tonight. He is like a little robot with his hands out in front of him and walking so proudly:)
The neat thing is that Joy& David came over to visit since her parents were in town.We all witnessed before our very eyes Kaden in action! We just watched and cheered :) It was so sweet! He may be our second born, but the excitement and overwhelming joy all surfaced again for Mike and me, like it did the day Parker took his first steps:)
We are SO proud and excited for this "OH NO"-new chapter of his life. out Kaden is walking!
Happy Early Easter to all :)

THANK YOU,Jason Pendley for a fun and memorable day of Easter photos with the boys!


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