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Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Madness :)

March~ Really...Wow! Oh joy...March Madness is coming! March is a "mad" month for us. We always get zapped with illness. Poor little Parker was so ill last year with his double ear infections. It went on to long. I had just gotten over a bug. Well, here we are one year later and the bug is back. Buzz, buzz, the bug zapped Kaden really bad. He has had both ends really bad for 3 days. I got it Wed. I am hoping that Mike and Parker stay well
When we don't have illness attacking us, we keep busy. Always bigger adventures each month. Never dull around here. However, I still cherish the days that there is NOTHING going on and we can just stay home and be :)
Parker is officially 3 and 1/2 and all done with his 2-3 hour naps. I usually have a day or two each week that I catch him trying to snooze at around 4 pm and I quickly wake him up and find a good distraction. If he does fall asleep-we pay a big price at night...ugg! He had a whole week off of school for winter break so we made a special trip to see Kayleigh Bugg and Caroline. Parker was thrilled to go to Kayleigh's house and play with her trains :) We always have an awesome time with them and it was so much fun to see the girls. We are happy that they didn't move to far away.

(Parker had fun with the paint outdoors-and enjoyed painting Kaden's head)

(Dr. Parker, checking out Caroline's heart)

(Kaden was in awe a little too much of Carolines hair-she loved it as you can see..NOT!)
Parker just had his first dentist visit and he made it through! I tried back in Jan to have him get a cleaning with our family dentist. But he was scared and we chose not to go through and traumatize him. So, I took him to a local Pediatric Dentist! LOVE Brookstone Pediatrics :) Crazy thing is that they now recommend 1 year old vists?! So, I scheduled Kaden to go at 15 months. Might as well de-sensitize him now so he can have a full and thorough cleaning by 3.

(this lasted about 2 minutes and we ended up doing the exam with Mommy)

Kaden is officially 14 months and just inches away from walking. It is really nice not having to carry around a 30 lb 1year old...However, it was so nice when he would stay in one place. Now, I can not keep up with him~ he is mesmerized with the toilets, trashcans, mommy's computer mouse, basically anything that he is NOT to be in! -If it is breakable he is for sure to break it-and if it can not be broken...he will find a way to break it. He is full of life and keeps me on my toes :) I love him so much and saying "NO-NO" to those irresistible blue eyes is hard!

I just ran another 5K with Joy and a couple of other friends! This was my third race. It was Joy's first 5K and it was so much fun to be apart of it with her. Lots of training just to get your body to run 3 miles straight...but then comes a 10K in July! More training, motivation, perseverance and hard work for a one hour race!? YUP! It is all worth it even though I have a love/hate relationship with running. I love the good changes that it makes on my body when I consistently keep it up.It's a great stress reliever. However, I hate that some days it is harder to run the distance. It is a mind over matter for sure :) But it is SO nice to have some good running buddies to help me press on! Just like life is a constant race to finish strong and serve the Lord it is the same in the races.I always want to do better then my last time and I never want to stop. I hope to keep it up.

Mike is forever the same godly, loving, supportive, PATIENT, fun, husband and daddy! I am so blessed and shocked at 9 years of all that he has accomplished. But the growth and the man he has become over the years has truly impressed me. He is aging and maturing but one thing is for sure... he will never outgrow his love and excitement for his SU Orange Men! He is about to enter the zone...."March Madness"!
Hilarious how it is always around his birthday....March 15th:)

Let's go Orange :)
We will let you know how they do!
Let us know if you want in on the Bracket Contest :)

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