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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Parker's Valentines Party with Daddy

Parker has had a great year in 3 year old pre-school.
We have seen him develop a deeper vocabulary, better listening skills, create new friendships, learn more about God and sing some new songs.  But there is something sweeter about cherishing some of these pre-school moments on paper and those precious projects! I can't keep every paper that comes home, but there are some "musts!"
 This week we got a special "must!"
Tuesday morning, they had "Donuts with Daddy" thirty minutes before school started. Unfortuantely, Parker wasn't able to attend with daddy. Mike was out of town for work-so the teacher sent home two donuts for them to enjoy later :)
To prepare for their little event they made some special ties for daddy to wear,created some cards and special valentine crafts.  One special card for Daddy, I could not stop laughing at!
Parker's perspective of his daddy was recorded well when he verbally responded back to his teacher with the following answers;
My Dad's Name is ______MIKE______. (CORRECT!) (He hears mommy say it enough!)
My Dad is __3___ years old. (ALMOST-CORRECT just add 0 to that 3 Parker ;)
My Dad's favorite thing to do is to work.
(INCORRECT! But Daddy's favorite thing to do beside playing with his boys or watching sports is "to work the BUDGET" LOL-Well we have to teach him more about the hard worker that daddy is and how he has been a great provider for us all :)
My favorite thing to do with my dad is play puzzles. (CORRECT! That is an understatement! Computer puzzles or puzzles on the floor...Parker LOVES his puzzles!)

I am saving this "must" card for his box of keepsakes :)

Mike was able to rearrange his work schedule for Parker's Valentine Party. He was the only daddy there BUT Parker LOVED having him there!

Thanks for being a phenomenal daddy to Parker and Kaden and an awesome & loving husband to me!
We are all proud of you and the hard work you do to provide for us.
 I know it meant the world to Parker to have you at his party.
Happy Valentines Day,
Parker, Kaden and Me :)

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