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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rough month...Disney get-a-way!

The week before Thanksgiving we began with a handful of illnesses. We totaled 19 days of illness and it got to be discouraging for me! I had many sleepless nights and I vented to my mom many mornings over texting at the yuckY 3am! I am the first to count my blessings that God has given us 2 sweet boys. However, there are moments in the midst of non stop illness that you have to mentally look hard for some joy. There is no such thing as a day off when you are a S.A.H.M! I am so thankful for other friends who are in this role and choose to give "breaks" to me! It has been a huge joy to have Joy and David finally here. They live about 2 miles from us and have jumped in to help me and Mike often. We had, pink eye, ear infections, hives, colds, asthma flare up and Strep throat all in 19 days time frame. About 2 months before Thanksgiving, Mike signed up to play in Orlando for a softball tournament. We agreed in Sept.that we'd make a family trip out of it. Little did we know that it would be so needed. However, the week before we went, I doubted that we would make it. Parker was SO sick w his strep. Thankfully, I found the energy to pack for us all and we made it. It was the first time for me, Parker and Kaden to go to Magic Kingdom! 33 years old and I finally made it to the most Magical place on earth! We had perfect weather, happy boys and 9 hours of complete fun. Parker lit up when we ran into Woody from Toy story! He was excited to see the characters all over but seeing Woody and being able to ride on a real train was the icing on his cake! I have tons of photos. Not only have we been I'll..but so has my computer.It has a virus and a friend is fixing it. So, when I get it back I will upload photos from our trip.
God really knew we needed the trip. It was a great trial for an upcoming drive we will be making in Jan to NY to attend Mike's auntS wedding. The boys did great...thanks to our spacious van, a DVD player and a mommy that could sit in the back and entertain while daddy drove! Memories for sure...we will cherish! I know in 5 years I will laugh at the rough month we had, but more illnesses for the rest of 2010! We hope you all have a Merry Christmas...and stay warm!

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