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Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 year old pre-school

Our first baby boy is....
No longer a baby,
No longer in diapers,

No longer a toddler,

                               No longer needing a BIG 4 hour "Parker" nap, (just an hour a day),

NOW, our first born is a BIG 3 year old (officially on 8/20)...

Ready for PRESCHOOL!
Such big milestones we have crossed already-and now it is time for preschool.
Tuesday, Parker will start 3 year old Pre-school. (I really wanted to put Parker in school 2 days a week, but daddy talked me into the 3 days a week program.)
It was only $15.00 more a month to have him go 3 days. So, I decided to take advantage of it. Not having family in town will really be a help to me with that extra day.
We had a wonderful experience last year at Burnt Hickory and we are looking forward to another great year.
So, here we go!

Parker got to meet his teachers today, Mrs. Clare (Teacher) and Mrs. Kelly (Aid)! They are both awesome! Mrs. Clare (the one with long grey hair has been teaching for 28 years). She is a mother of four children and a grandma of 5! I have no problem leaving our sweet, spirited, litte, red- head in her care!

He no longer will have 15 minutes of learning Circle time...
He now will also have learning time AND Music, Spanish and Computers!
One of the requirements for 3 year old Preschool is to be fully potty trained!
(Only read below if you really care about life with a 3 year old and the adventures of Potty-training!)
They have to do EVERYTHING on their own. He has been working since April-and is fully trained(with going #1) His teacher thinks he is fine to enter!
I am amazed that he always waits till it is bed time to do #2 in his pull-up! So, I don't think we have to worry about #2 at school, BUT we are working really hard on that part! Most of the kiddos just hold it till they are home! (So amazing to me)-His teacher is thrilled that we know his routine! She has seen it all and experienced it all. One of the boys (Last year) would come out "Naked" and ask for help to get dressed after going potty. Oh my-I hope Parker remembers to keep his pants and undies down by his ankles. Potty training also includes getting dressed! We have worked SO hard to tell him we don't need to be "naked" to go potty! (He started out learning that way). It seriously can wear you out potty training! Today, I had him go in the classroom and he did great. I just had to show him how to use the motion censored paper towel roll! (Ok-he may get carried away with that later:)
 This summer he had some fun learning how to go potty (and he started learning how to get the sensation when he was hopefully he does not ask his teachers to go potty outside! {YIKES} I don't think he will, since they have all the kids go potty before they out to the playground. BUT he is a boy and they do have adventurous minds!
Here's to a new year of adventure!
Parker, we love you and hope you have a great year in 3 year old Preschool!
We are praying for you to learn more about Jesus, be a friend to all and gain some new friends too!


thedulls said...

awww can you believe he is already ready for preschool?! I sure hope it is a great year for him and for you!

Christy said...

Yay for Parker! haha... that is my L, having to take off his clothes. He learned he does NOT want to get Buzz and Woody (on his underwear) wet! ;) We went through the whole holding the #2 thing too. L got it around a couple months after he turned 3, which is probably right around the holidays for you! ;) They know how to keep us busy, don't they?