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Sunday, July 04, 2010

6 months and 2 teeth

That is right~Our sweet-pea, Baby Kaden, is 6 months old! 
He celebrated this big milestone by getting his first two teeth the week before he was 6 months-YIKES!

I was not ready for that. Parker was 7 or 8 months old, before his first two teeth came in.
Then again,everything has been advanced with Kaden, since his early arrival at birth!  I guess I am preparing myself now, that he will be walking before he is 15 months (which is when Parker first walked).
It was SO special to have Mike's parents here for a week and watch them get to interact with Kaden. They last saw Kaden, when he was just 1 week old. So much has changed since then.
 Therefore, they got to see a whole new side of him!
Kaden is such a happy chunk of love! He shocked me at the Pediatrician's office.
NeNe (a.k.a.Grandma Riese), and I took Kaden to his 6 month well visit on Tuesday, and he was SO good considering he got 2 shots!


Kaden is 19lbs 7oz /ok....basically-20 lbs! So that puts him in the 75% for weight (average weight of an 8 month old) & he is 29inches long putting him in the 90% for height (average height of a 10 month old). I really thought he was 22 lbs! He is bigger then Parker ever was at 6 months. Dr. McGee thinks he will slow down on the weight once he gets more mobile. She is NOT concerned at all about his weight. I was starting to get worried that he was going to be 40 lbs by his first birthday!
I am officially done nursing {sigh}. But I am not sad for the changes that had to be made. Putting him on formula has really helped with his reflux. It is so nice to just pack a bottle and go. I am very grateful that we get coupons in the mail just about the time we run out of his formula.

Kaden LOVES to interact and try to play with Parker. He grins from cheek to cheek when P is near!
I can not wait to see him really interact in a few more months.
He is sleeping GREAT now. We put him to bed between 8 and 8:30 and he sleeps till 5:30 or 6. I am trying to wean him of that first wake up. He goes back to sleep after a bottle and is usually up by 7:30 AM and back down for his AM nap by 9:30. He and Parker are both on the same afternoon napping schedule. I am so grateful for that!! P.T.L. Parker usually naps from 2-5 and Kaden is usually in that same time frame~ give or take an hour.
We have had a fun June and I will post another entry of our many adventures with NeNe and Papa.
Just had to get Kaden's latest up (for my records).
Here are few photos of Kaden's First 4th of July. He was a great trooper. We have not seen fireworks the past 2 years. So, we took him to the local fireworks...but 5 minutes before they began he was out! And then WIDE-EYED when the big "BANG" began! He handled them well for being just a 6 month old!

 We hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day and have appreciated the freedom we have in America.

*Here is a quick video of Kaden (very happy that we dipped his hands in green paint) we were making Ne-Ne's apron.
It is hilarious!
Happy 6 Months Baby Kaden,
We love you!
Mommy & Daddy

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