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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mother's Day Luncheon (with Parker)

Yesterday, I got to go have lunch with Parker at his pre-school. We have had Parker in Mom's Morning Out (MMO) on Monday & Wednesdays. It has been such a blessing/ break for me, since we have no family in town. MMO for Parker has been more then just a break for me. It has actually been more of a benefit for him. He has developed socially & academically!  The whole program has a Biblical foundation. He has learned some great songs-especially before Lunch, a weekly Bible verse, colors, numbers, shapes, manners and much more! All these things we do at home -but it is so sweet to see them taught and reinforced there too! We are looking forward to another year next year! I can't believe that next week is his last week: ) Sigh :(

Parker and I got to sit with Kayleigh Bugg and her mommy!

Parker made this special plant for me at school-I thought it was so cute since they were learning about Watermelons too!

He has grown SO much since his first day. I am so proud of him and glad that he and mommy could have a special time. He was a little bit rambunctious (like the rest of his peers). I am convinced most kids act up when parents show up! LOL BUT- I think he loved eating with just mommy (and NO baby Kaden in sight). Thanks Aunt LaLa, for watching Kaden for me so I could spend some sweet time with my Parker-roo!

Happy Mother's Day to the two best mom's! My mom and mother-in-law, who both have been such great mentors and encouragers to me! Thank you for being my role model and rock to lean on when I need it most!
Happy Mother's day to all my sweet Blogging friends and family who hold this role that is priceless! It is a real blessing to be a mother.
(Mother's Day last year! He seems so little when I see these photos :)

I am really learing to Cherish each day with my boys!

Even during the tough days...all the good days far outway the challenging ones! 
Feeling blessed to be Parker and Kaden's Mommy! 
Jenn :)

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Bethany said...

I just found your blog and wanted to comment! I love the pictures! How special it will be to Parker someday when he looks back and see that you have captured these memories! Happy Mother's Day!