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Friday, February 12, 2010

Bath Time Bloopers

Wednesday night, Parker decided to help Mommy give Baby Kaden a bath.
During Kaden's Bath-Parker was saying "Parker take Bath in tub too!"
So, I actually took off Parker's clothes and let him have a bath in Kaden's tub. Parker has already had his share of time in the swing and the jumperoo-surprisingly he has had NO interest in Kaden's bottles or the pacifier. This moment was one that caught me off guard but really gave me a good laugh tonight.  Can you believe how big our "Big Baby boy" has gotten?!

It was so fast and efficient to get two baths done in a matter of a few minutes and SO little water used!
Don't worry Kaden was not damaged and was out of the little blue tub before Parker ever entered it!  :)
As you can see we have a chubs of a baby~Kaden is only 6 weeks old and looks like he is already 3 months old!So much fun to see all the baby rolls.

Parker was always long and skinny,,,so we are having fun with this chubby little guy.
We are amazed once again how blessed we are to be their mommy and daddy! :) :)

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