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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy 1 Month Baby Kaden

(Kaden-3 weeks old) we are Jan. 28th! Amazing that Kaden is 1 month old today. We have been getting used to being a family a 4 and I am learning to function again on 4 to 5 hours of sleep. Even though I am sleep deprived and nursing every 3 hours I am feeling great (most hours...but ready to crash by 9PM) and loving our new baby boy!

(Kaden 1 month old)
Kaden's personality is coming out more and more. He HATES having his diaper changed and when he is ready to eat he makes it clear! I think he is at least 10lbs by now...but we will get an official weight the end of Feb. He basically sleeps for 3 hours after a feeding-but we can not lay him down right away.  He LOVES to be held before laying down. And of course it may take more time out of us-but nothing sweeter then cuddling a newborn baby! His hair is getting lighter and lighter-but NO I do not think he will have red hair. It does appear to me that he will have blue eyes though! Mike has green and I have brown...and so far-the boys have blue. Recessive genes from the Grandparents in deed.

(Parker -29 months  and Kaden- 1 month)
Parker is being a great Big Brother to Kaden. The past 2 weeks have been much more smooth then the first two. Parker wakes up EACH morning saying "I go see Mommy, I go see Baby Kaden!" It is so sweet to see him get so excited and kiss his little brother each morning! Parker is doing great with Kaden and sometimes has to be reminded to be gentle! Parker is picking up new words weekly and is now saying Sentences! I go see Baby Kaden, I get a Juice Box, Come play Choo-Choo with me! His latest songs to sing are the "ABC's and Tinkle-Tinkle Star song" He knows how to count to 10 and knows most of the alphabet. I think he is learning a ton at pre-school or Sesame Street! We are having a blast with him right now even though he has his tempermental moments...we are still proud of him and blessed to be his parents.
Parker is starting to take a deep interest in Potty training. He is not logically ready for it-but he sure is getting interrested. I was ready to completely potty train him last week! He was down for his nap and got a dirty diaper.I heard him talking in his room (after 40 min) and went up there to check on him. My parents were still here visiting and my mom instantly knew what had happened when she heard my "Oh No" coming out of the monitor. Parker had taken his diaper off and had tossed his "poopy" on the floor and then crawled back on his bed and of course it was all smeared on the comforter. THANK GOODNESS for my dad! He came up and helped me right away and Parker was in the tub! I was not sure how/ what to say to him! I guess I wouldn't like going to sleep with a dirty diaper either....but fingers crossed he expresses it better next time instead of just taking it off! 
My parents just left on Sunday and we already miss them. They were a HUGE help around the house (I am sure you can tell why!) They are very handy (especially dad) and did a TON of projects around our house. My mom painted the nursery and the family room. My dad did all the bigger projects like fixing the garbage disposal, cleaning the upstairs vents, fixing, and caulking our master shower, replacing parts on our dryer, and MANY other projects!

(me and Lorelei at the shower)
While my parents were here my close friends had a baby shower for Kaden and me! It was special to have my attend and we were blessed with sweet clothes and items for Kaden.

(Posing with all the girls that hosted my shower)

It was SO special to have my parents here for the time and of course have them meet Kaden.

 Parker feel in love with them. The last time he saw them was in April (when we went to MI for Easter...and I don't think he remembered them!) So, now he is attached to them and of course Nene and Papa! I am so happy for SKYPE so we can keep him and Kaden connected with them all. Parker finally got most of his room decorated too...(I will post another blog of the finished nursery and Parker's room) (We  still have some decorations to get up). Parker got sports chairs for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Clark and NeNe and Papa. He loves them as you can tell.
 Now that Kads 1 month old it is time to get the Birth Announcement out! It will be coming soon in the mail...My sister-in-law designed them and I love how they turned out! Check your mail boxes soon. I will blog it coming up.
Off to go make some happy to have some energy again to cook!


Tiffany said...

Oh, Jenn! You are doing great! He is so sweet! I love all of the photos - keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

How funny is that poopy story. i love how Parker likes his baby brother. sweet stuff. and i cant believe kaden is already a month old. where did the time go?!