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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet Pea

I was out shopping the other day for a few items for Parker's 2 year photo shoot, that we will be doing in NY! While I was focused on my list for things to get for the trip, I made my first purchase for Sweet Pea! As you know-Sweet pea is baby #2 nickname! I was in Gymboree & they had a swaddling blanket that has "Sweet Pea" on it! I was in shock....and of course I got it ! Not sure if I was more excited to get it for 1/2 off, or the fact that it says-"Sweet Pea!"
My good friend, Christy got me hooked on these blankets. She got Parker his first one~ so, now I am a huge fan. Looking forward to meeting our "Sweet Pea" in January!
In the mean time-Parker will be 2 in 10 days ;and we will be in NY for Family Camp!
Not ready for our baby boy to be 2- but he is sure already a typical 2 year old!
I just got his 2 year old DVD done and ordered tonight from One True Media. I am sure you are curious to see it-while you will have to come back on his birthday, 8/20 to see it!
Off to go finish laundry -so I am packed before Friday!!

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Christy said...

Oh my goodness... I just got that blanket too! Do you have the sleeper and the hat that goes with it? I got the sleeper awhile back and was so happy to find the blanket and bib on clearance to match. We were in need of some new blankets here and I found that one and the monster truck one on clearance!